Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We can get married now

Who needs a Marriage Certificate when you have a AAA card!

My sweet dad LOVES AAA and made sure I had a membership since I was 16 years old. I have never personally had to use it (knock on wood) but almost all my friends have benefited from it.
Locking keys in the car, flat tires, dead cars, dead batteries and all the towing through the years. Thank you Daddy Gibbs for making sure me and my friends were safe.

Since I'm getting married, dad decided it was Mike's turn to take over the bill. Mike is carrying the torch and I have a new shiny gold card! Mike still hasn't warmed up to the idea of taking Gibbs as his last name. I still have 2 months to convince him :)


Emily G. said...

you're such a freaking dork!!!

ps does it look weird to see your name like that, without the gibbs????

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

You're keeping Lynn and dropping Gibbs? Oh no...can I still call you Gibbs??

Lynn said...

Love that you're keeping Lynn!