Monday, June 28, 2010

IM conversation

At work, we have Microsoft Office Communicator which is just like IM that we used in high school/college. Kelly & I have daily communicator conversations that are usually entertaining.

I thought this one needed to be shared...

**Let me set up the background for you. I emailed all of our family and friends last week to invite them to do a 5k with us the morning of our wedding.

Kelly:ps- Lindsay and I are doing the 5k race. damnit
Me: WOOT WOOT! It will be fun and worth your while. Is Robby going to do it?
Kelly: I haven't talked to him yet, but I'm signing him up.
Me: Poor Robby
Kelly: I'm already dreading this race. You better have something good for me to eat when I'm finally done.
Me: I'm sure dad will be the first one done and have handfuls of food and drinks waiting for us
Kelly: HAHAAAAAAAAAAAA Or we could just walk to Owen's after the race and make sure we walk 16 miles before your wedding.
Me: No, I need you to be able to walk down the aisle at 6pm
Kelly: I'll probably trip and bust my face that day, have to go to the dentist to replace my broken teeth. Then have a black eye from your elbow that hit me on the way down.
Kelly: But hey, don't worry...that's what you wanted to do on your wedding day.

I could not stop laughing! The sad thing is...something like this will probably happen and we will just have to laugh about it. Now if I'm the one to fall and loose my teeth, I won't be laughing!

We have 28+ people signed up for the race...I cannot wait!!

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