Friday, April 2, 2010

True Colors

When Mike & I first got engaged, we got a LOT of advice from friends. Everyone that gave us advice said, "just wait for people's true colors to shine through". I didn't really know what to think by that comment and just put it in the back of my head.
Now that I'm 6 months into this wedding planning "fun", I am seeing what they really meant.

I have been blown away by some of our friends & family and their outpouring of love. They constantly want to hear what is going on with our planning, offer to bend over backwards to help us and really want to throw showers for us. It has been a humbling experience and something I was not ready for. It is hard for me to let others do things b/c I want to be the one "doing" and it makes me feel guilty. God is really teaching me that its okay to let others love me and do for me. I know that sounds silly, but its a hard thing to accept for me.

On the flip side, I have seen some behavior that hasn't been as warm & fuzzy. You really see the true colors you didn't want to believe were there. But then I'm reminded that this wedding is about US and its sad that some want to make it about them! God has called us to love one another...despite the bad stuff. I am trying hard to remember this all the time, but I'm human too. :)

We want nothing more than to have a wedding day filled with LOVE and FUN! I want the church filled with friends and family that are truly excited for us to get married and will encourage and challenge us through the years...then want to party at the reception!!!!!

On another note..


Lora said...

If people don't disappoint you at times them maybe your expectations were too low. And many people are selfish. It is easy to forget for someone like you dear sister who is as generous as you are beautiful! Love you :)

Lynn said...

Amen! So true Bec. I am so glad you are enjoying the need not to!!!