Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feeling the love

I think I'm just now coming down off a fantastic weekend.
This weekend was filled with marriage counseling, welcome bag "instructions", West Girls dinner and my first bridal shower!

I have been looking forward to marriage counseling since before we even got engaged. Mike & I met Nathan on Friday afternoon for some good ol' counseling. We previously took an
"assessment" and began the session by reviewing our results. I am happy to report that we passed the assessment and it looks like we are compatible! :) WAHOOO...we can get married now! (Nathan was fantastic and I'm even more excited that he will be marrying us!)
Friday night we had our traditional dinner at the Reynolda Village Tavern with the West Girls + the men. Little Oliver joined us and kept us entertained the entire time.
Saturday morning I woke up a little nervous and didn't know what to expect at the shower. The West girls did a fantastic job hosting my first bridal shower. I was blown away by the guests, gifts and all the love I felt. They didn't forget a single detail and made sure everything was perfect. Tara even remembered my love for cupcakes and had every flavor possible!We ate and mingled before the game began. When Meg told me the rules of the game, I had a slight panic attack. I'm sitting in the front of the room, everyone is staring at me and i'm stressing that I might screw the game up...crazy much?!?!The game was so funny and I think everyone enjoyed laughing at me! (I'm not going to give details in case we play it at BFF's shower this weekend!!!!)
Everyone was so generous and I think my kitchen is stocked now. Too bad all the presents will remain at my parents house until we get married. (Dad-do not try and sell my gifts on ebay!)
I really felt LOVED on Saturday and couldn't have asked for a better shower.

I got to meet baby Kessler!! I LOVE his cheeks
I love my West Girls!


The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Hope you had a blast being showered - you look great in these pics hot stuff!

Nick and Mary Leigh said...

the fact you just told your dad not to sell your wedding gifts on ebay makes me laugh.

I am thinking about coming and staying at the hotel just to get a bag from your dad, think that's ok?!

Please after the fact make sure to post what he put in them!

beth gibbs said...

It was a fun shower. I must admit i am alittle jealous of all the COOL kitchen stuff. You may not have to worry about Dad. i amy pay you back for all the stuff you BORROWED!