Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sushi Experience

Mike and I met our friends Laurel & Mike for lunch to talk about all of our printed materials for the wedding! We met at Yama, which Laurel & Mike eat at ALL the time. Seriously, they even named a sushi roll after Mike...its called the BIG MIKE roll and its delicious!

My Mike does NOT like sushi and refuses to eat it with me. Well, he got a wild hair (or had enough of my nagging...probably the latter) and tried some sushi. He LOVED it...yes, he really did!!! I love this man and his willingness to try new things!
Yes, he used a back off!
This called for a celebration, so Mike ordered a special dessert for my Mike.
Get ready....
Chocolate cake with ice cream rolled in pound cake and deep fried then topped with whip cream. Yes, you probably just gained a few pound from looking at the picture. The four of us split it (and didn't finish it so don't judge me yet), and it was AMAZING!

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Lynsey and Brian said...

I miss eating sushi! The dessert looks divine!!! Hope wedding planning is coming along beautifully.