Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Mike & I went to Nashville this past weekend to hang out with BOTH my sisters/hubbies and the 2 cute kiddos!
Friday we celebrated Lora & Greg's 32nd birthdays, wore party hats, ate too much food, drank and laughed until our belly's hurt. Nate was the center of attention and loved every second of it. Abby Reece was content just sitting and smiling at everyone.

Saturday was park time with Em & Nate. We climbed, went down slides, chased each other and threw rocks (who knew throwing rocks could be so fun). Nate LOVED getting so much one on one time with us. I melted every time he wanted Mike to help him, hug him or hold his hand.
After the park, Mike & I headed to Nashville to play by ourselves. We went to Martin's BBQ then walked around downtown Nashville and took it all in. I even got a wild hair and had a beer at 2pm!

After we had "people watched' enough, we headed back home for more playtime with Nate & Abby Reece. Nate showed me "Charlie" the horse and Domino the donkey that lives right next door.Sunday we woke up early and started our trek to Knoxville to meet up with Mindy & her family. We were so excited to see everyone and catch up on their new life in Knoxville. After a LONG day traveling, we finally got back to Charlotte around 8:30pm...and I was so tired!

Couldn't have asked for a better weekend! Check out Em's blog for more pictures


amy free said...

SO fun! And thank you THANK YOU again for your wisdom about the 1-40 detour :) I went through ATL and ended up making great time. You rock sister!

Emily G. said...

Please reword that part about the "horse & donkey" that live next door!! People are going to think we are MAJOR rednecks!!!!! Haha.

Loved seeing you guys; sorry the drive was so long though. Nate misses you both!

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

YAY about this trip - it looks like it was SO MUCH fun!

Bec said...

Oh man, that picture of Mike and Nate is to die for. I would have melted, too!