Monday, March 1, 2010

Pioneer Woman Potluck

As I am crafting my letter to "Ree" aka Pioneer Woman, I figured I should share this wonderful event with everyone else. (yes, I am writing her a letter so she will know we had a dinner in her honor. I would really like to win something in the process so you better believe I will push for that)
I was introduced to Pioneer Woman by a few girls in my bible study and have been hooked ever since. I love her story, read her blog daily and can't get enough of her recipes. (Some of her recipes are a bit overwhelming but just push through.)Caroline suggested we have a potluck and all the dishes had to come from was a SUCCESS!
I was in charge of appetizers and made buffalo chicken dip & stuffed mushrooms. Everyone loved them so much, I didn't have time to take any pictures!

Main dish-Coq au vin
salad- Caesar Salad
side- Creamed Corn
bread- Garlic Cheese Bread
dessert-The Perfect pound cake

Read Adele's blog because she was nice enough to link all the items we cooked.

ALL items were SO GOOD and it was such a fun night with friends!!!


Adele and Tom said...

I just realized that all the food was very yellow.

amy free said...

I heart PW and this just makes me happy happeeeee that you did this dinner!