Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rick Jr.

I have been sick for the past 2 weeks and I am very behind on blogging. (the codeine cough medicine has finally worked!)

We have been talking about getting rid of the Wrangler and getting a new car for a few months. After several test drives and some research, Mike narrowed it down to the car he wanted.

He found one he liked and even though I was sick, I couldn't miss the opportunity to haggle at the dealership with Mike. I was so excited about 1)getting a new car and 2)getting a good deal. We talked about our strategy before going to the dealership and decided how we would approach it. (I know you guys are laughing but it worked). After several hours at the dealership and lots of back and forth, we walked away with a fantastic deal and new car. (dad would have been so proud of us!) We are excited about our big new car and can't wait for all the App tailgates in the fall :)

Mike said goodbye to his beloved Wrangler...


The Overstreets said...

You will LOVE it! I have a commander and it is so much fun to drive, plus has lots of room for passengers. Enjoy!

Lora said...

Have OMalley and Zoe been for a ride yet? :)