Monday, December 28, 2009

New Traditions

We have spent Christmas at my parents house or Grandma Briner's house for as long as I can remember. This year we changed things up due to the arrival of Abby Reece.
The Gibbs clan headed to TN to spend the holiday at Em & Greg's house. Nate & Abby Reece were the center of it all and loved every second of it. Nate was very aware of Santa, new toys, baby Jesus and Handy Manny coming to his house. Em helped Nate write a letter to Santa and leave cookies, carrots & milk. It was SO CUTE!!

Christmas morning was very eventful as Nate opened each present, and said "open, open, open". It was a Handy Manny Christmas and I have so much more respect for Em's patience as she has to listen to LOUD toys all day long!

I have the pleasure of being born the day after Christmas, so I usually get a second day of celebration with my family! My sisters fixed a special birthday breakfast and I got to open all my presents before L headed to the airport. I got some great gifts but my favorite was a scrapbook from Em. She surprised me with a scrapbook she made of all my baby pictures through 8th grade. There were some hilarious pictures, captions and personal touches. It is completely AWESOME and I am so thankful for all the work she put into it.

We all (including the newest family member, Handy Manny) went out for some good ol' Mexican. After dinner, we headed home for yummy birthday cake. I was a bad aunt and talked Nate into going head first into the cake with me. Sorry Em...I know payback will get me one day!
Christmas 2009 was another great one with the family! Next year at this time I will be married...wahoooooooo!

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