Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We are Family

Yes, we are...
Growing up our family would gather at my grandma's house every summer and winter. We didn't need to really plan a reunion because we always knew we would meet up in Traverse.
We had to close the "Traverse City" chapter after grandma passed away earlier this year. Because of this, the idea for a 1st ANNUAL Family Reunion was born.

After months of planning, many emails and phone calls it was time to head to Georgia for our family reunion. We rented 2 amazing houses on Lake Lanier over Labor Day weekend. Everyone survived the weekend and managed to have a great time. Mike got to meet almost all of the family and he is still dating I guess we aren't too crazy :)

The memories are plenty but these make me laugh the hardest...LOTS of stairs/hills, water trampoline, slide, card games, Dad's ever lovin' root beer floats, many diving/jumping contests, Nate & Lizzie's running laps, canoe rides, teaching the West Coasters about cornhole, sharks in the lake and dad smoking the car.

There's a rumor that our next one will be in the winter somewhere around Steamboat, CO!!!!! BRING IT ON!

Love you family...and all the 200+ pictures :)


Lora said...

Now I have that song in my head... We Are Family, I got all my sisters with me, We are family, get up ev'rbody and sing!! The weekend turned out better than I ever imagined :) You did a great job and I know Mike helped you a lot too!

Erin said...

looks fun! steamboat is mighty close to me (relatively) :) - watch out, i might crash the party.