Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friends & Food Make Everything Better

It's true...App State lost on Saturday and it was a bummer. Apparently we are still trying to figure out a few things (ie: how to play defense), but I have confidence we will shape up. But its okay because we all had a great time.

Mike & I headed to Boone Friday afternoon and I took him to Howard's Knob when we arrived. Mel-Mel took me here the 1st week of my freshman year of college. It was so beautiful and I'm glad Mike got to finally see ALL of Boone.
After dinner at The Peddler, we headed to Linville Ridge where we were meeting up with our friends Jay & Erin. Erin babysat for a family that owns FOUR houses and this is just one of them. They let her use their houses whenever she wants!
I have never been in a nicer house in my life! One whole side of the house looked out to Grandfather mountain and you could even see the bridge. We had a fun night of playing cards and laughing.
Saturday morning we had a yummy breakfast at The Banner Elk Cafe then headed to Boone to start TAILGATING!!!!
We were greeted with Kat jumping with excitement and taking a million pictures. The day was filled with guessing Baby Bruce's name, playing cornhole, drinking, eating and just BEING in Boone! (side note- after 5 hours of guessing- I GOT IT RIGHT!!! I believe the name came to me in the 3rd quarter and boy was I excited. WAHOO!)

Yes, that is Chid and his lack of school spirit :)
After the disappointing game, we filled our bellies with Black Cat and felt much better about life!

Friends & Food really do make everything better :)

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Emily G. said...

I cant believe what a sell-out Mike is....he should be in CAROLINA BLUE at these games! Actually, I feel sorry for such an APP freak like you, Bec! Ha!

PS I want to know Baby Bruce's name...or are you sworn to secrecy? As long as it's not Abby, we're good.