Monday, August 31, 2009

Another App Family Wedding

Saturday night we celebrated the marriage of John Chidester & Sara was beautiful.

The wedding was beautiful-the minister did a great honoring the Lord and challenging Chid & Sara.
We all headed over to the Mint Museum for the reception and to get our party pants on.
I LOVED laughing and reminiscing with the App Family. We talked about so many crazy times we had in college and tried to figure out why we did certain things?!?!
(how Adam painted his entire body at the Tupac Party, how my love for BFF began, all the people that lived at Straight Street, why Kyle thought it was a good idea to try to steal a 10 ton phone booth and the list could go on)

After a few cocktails & dinner, the dance party began. I probably had more fun watching people dance with Ellen & taking pictures then actually getting on the dance floor. But its okay because I had SO MUCH FUN!

The best part about the wedding was seeing the true & honest love that Chid and Sara share. They adore each other, the Lord and their family & friends. They make a perfect couple and I hope they are enjoying every minute on their honeymoon in St. John!

There are way too many pictures I wanted to here are just a few of my favorites!(Click on the picture to see it a little better)


Lynsey and Brian said...

Hey! Do you happen to know the name of their photographer? Was it Critsey, by chance?

Lynn said...

LOVE the photo collage...great job Bec! It was a blast- and I loved seeing you have fun too! :)

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

SUPER fun Bec, way to catch up on 2 blogs :)