Sunday, February 10, 2013

7 Months

Happy 7 Months little Munch!
It was such a fun month with you and I feel like you grew up way too much!
Some highlights from this month:  
You started crawling...well let's be honest. You started the ghetto crawl a week before you turned 7 months.  On your 7 month birthday, you started getting pretty good at the crawl and now there's no turning back.   
You learned how to sit up after laying down or crawling.  This makes playing so much easier and more fun.  If you want a toy, you will crawl or roll to it, then sit up and start playing with it.  Right when you turned 6 months old, we heard you in the crib "talking" and when we looked in the video monitor you were sitting it.  You know love to sit up in the crib and grab the rails.  I'm afraid pulling up in the crib will be very soon.
You started babbling a lot more.  Your favorite word this past month was DADADon't worry that we have been practicing mama since you were a few weeks old.  I 
know you love me and will hopefully say my name before you go to college.
You got your first 2 teeth!!  Most babies get their 2 middle teeth first, but not you.  You have 2 front "side" teeth, and we call you the little vampire.  
You tried puffs and a real banana for the first time this month.  You loved the banana but you're still trying to get used to the puffs.  Not sure why you don't love them, but hopefully this coming month you will. 
You started swim lessons and have done so well!  We go every Saturday and meet up with your buddy, Austin.  You have gone underwater like a champ and look totally relaxed when you are floating on your back.
You have perfected the bottle hold and insist on holding it at every feeding.  I'm not complaining, less work for me!
You wenting "swinging" for the first time.  Daddy hung your swing in our backyard and you love swinging on the random warm days this past month.

Your favorite toys/activities are still: standing at the activity table, jumper, toy laptop, stroller rides, "walking" while holding our hands and eating every toy you can shove in your mouth.

You still love solid foods.  I usually try to puree whatever I'm cooking for dinner.  I put a little to the side before I add all the spices and extras.  On Sundays, I cook a bunch of fruits and veggies and freeze them for the week.  When we don't have time to thaw food or are in a rush, you usually are happy with a jar or pouch of any organic baby food.  Greek yogurt has been a big hit with you this month.  When we put you in your high chair, you get so excited and open your mouth (like a bird) and wave your arms in the air.  This next month, I would like to start giving you more food off my plate.  I have to admit that I'm a little nervous, but I'll suck it up and go for it.  Since you have 2 very sharp bottom teeth, I'm sure you will learn how to chew things up.  You do great taking your bottle in the morning and at night but sometimes you are quite difficult with your 2 "day" bottles.  Sometimes you wiggle around and would just rather play.

don't judge the pink spoon 

You are still sleeping pretty well.  When we put you to bed, you either fall right to sleep or stay up talking and rolling around for 10 minutes.  Since you learned get up into a sitting position, you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night.  You just sit there in your crib and talk.  Sounds cute but its actually not when its 3am.  I'm the mean mom that just lets you talk and fuss until you go back to sleep.  Sorry buddy, I do love you though.

You are still a pretty easy going baby.  You are starting to get a little more demanding during playtime when you want to stand.  I keep saying you really don't want to crawl, you would rather just start walking.  We'll see how the next month goes.

7 Month Stats:

Weight-not sure
Length-29 inches (I measured you with our tape measure so its not official)
Clothes-We have gotten out some of your 9m clothes b/c you are getting so long
Eating-morning bottle, cereal & fruit for breakfast, 2 bottle during the day, dinner's usually a meat/veggie/starch and a night bottle
Naps-napping twice a day (usually 1-2.5 hours each)
Night time-6:30pm-7:00am

We love watching you grow and seeing your personality begin to develop.


Emily G. said...

GREAT POST!!!!!! Love all the pics. Faves are the ones in the exersaucer & jumpster, as well as the navy PEACOAT (Heaven help me) and red pants. love your little dude!!

dying to see you guys soon. please come visit!!! :) abby wants to have a sleepover with A.

CrockedPig -san said...

Adorablee!! ><