Sunday, March 10, 2013

8 Months

It has been such a fun month of "firsts".  This month FLEW by, probably because it was a short one and I didn't see you for 10 days due to a work trip.

We don't go to the doctor until your 9 month check up so I'm not sure how much you are growing.  You started crawling last month and you really perfected it during your 7th month.  You are on the move and want to crawl everywhere.  You also got really good at pulling up on anything and everything.  You now "furniture/toy" surf all the time.  One of your favorite past times is pulling up on the couch/chair/bed and falling backwards onto your bottom.  Really intelligent, I know.

Your cousin, Nate, gave you his old push train and you love it.  You play with it every morning, pull up on it and then take a few steps.  After those few steps,  you are over it.  You fall on your bottom and crawl to something else.

This month you got your 3rd bottom tooth and your 1st upper front tooth.  Your other upper front tooth is visible but hasn't pushed through yet.  You are getting more hair, but still look bald most of the time.

Other firsts this month include: riding in the shopping card (you LOVE this), first cut on your leg (that we didn't notice for a few days), First valentines day (complete with presents, card and lots of extra kisses), first "big" snow, morning snuggle time with O'Malley for a whole week, started using a sippy cup, big boy baths, babbling new things but still no ma-ma and lots of new foods.  We started giving you a 3rd meal a day and you of course love eating more solid food during lunch.  The only food to date that you don't really like is sad!

I took a work trip for 10 days and you hung out with dad & Nanny/poppy during this time.  Dad flew up to meet me in NYC and we hung out for the weekend while you played with nanny and poppy.  You had a blast and apparently wanted to wake up at 6am to start playing!  Nanny and Poppy brought you back and daddy took care of you for the next 7 days.  I couldn't wait to squeeze you when I got home from the airport.  You smiled really big when I came in and got you up from your afternoon nap, but looked a little confused.  You were used to seeing me during FaceTime sessions on the phone.  You warmed up within seconds and were glad to have me home (hopefully).  

You love playing in any room of the house, gnawing on cords (we are trying to teach you what "no" means), walking while holding our hands, going for walks around the neighborhood, looking at yourself in the mirror, swinging and taking baths.  You LOVE taking big boy baths now, but I'm not sure I really do.  We basically play tackle football the entire time.  You want to crawl around the bath, pull up without slipping and fall backwards.  All of this within 2.5 seconds.  Thankfully there has been no blood yet, but I am sure it's coming.  You need to be strapped down in the tub so I can get you clean.

8 Month Stats:
Weight-not sure

Length- not sure

Clothes-wearing mostly 9 month clothes, but some of your Gap jeans are 3-6 month

Eating-morning bottle, cereal & fruit for breakfast, 2 bottle during the day, dinner's usually a meat/veggie/starch and a night bottle

Naps-napping twice a day (usually 1-2.5 hours each)
Night time-6:30pm-6:30am...we let you "play" in your crib until 7am

You are full of personality and we love you more every day!


Emily G. said...

great post! love hearing how that little munchkin is growing & changing.

the train picture made me sad...he's so big when he's standing on his own! and it made me remember when N was that big/little :(

the "tackle football" baths make me LOL!

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

These pictures of my munch make my heart melt - he is the cutest 8 month old baby boy that I know!!