Friday, November 16, 2012


We have entered a new phase...cereal!  As I mentioned in his 4 month post, Anderson stopped sleeping his normal 12-13 hours at night and mama wasn't happy.  He would wake up, down a bottle and then go right back to bed.  Selfishly, I wanted those 12 hour stretches so I didn't have to wake up at 4am/5am and go back to sleep.

We went to his new pediatrician in Charlotte for his 4 month check up and she suggested we start him on cereal.  The next afternoon, I was excited to get home and see his reaction to this new food.  The first night, we might have actually eaten 3 spoonfuls.  The rest was on his face, chinS or bib.  The next night (after a 2.5 second random freak out), he did so much better and actually ate most of it.  The poor little guy seems to be constipated which he NEVER is, so I added some prune juice to the cereal.  Praying this doesn't backfire on me.

  This face was too good not to document

We're excited the 12-13 hour stretches are back...yet to be determined if it's actually from the cereal or not.  Whatever it's from, we're praying our good sleeping boy is here to stay for a while.


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Lora Gibbs said...

He might look the most like you in the freak out picture Bec :) Just kidding! Can't believe he's already eating cereal. Growing up TOO FAST! Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas :)