Tuesday, November 13, 2012

4 Months


You are now 4 months old and had a really great month!   Am I allowed to say each month... "this was my favorite month"??  Your personality keeps changing and you are becoming more and more fun.  
We moved to Denver, NC to live at the Russo's lake house right when you turned 3 months old.  Everything we own is packed in a storage unit except our clothes, your crib and chair.  You did great during the move and it didn't seem to mess up your sleep or demeanor. 

Mom started back to work and you have adjusted so well.  We take you to Miss Beth's everyday and you are so happy at her house.  You arrive in your pj's every morning and give Miss Beth a smile right when we walk in the kitchen.  When mommy picks you up, you muster up a smile or giggle to make sure I feel loved.  Miss Beth has been great to keep your same schedule and says you are a very good boy for her.  I went away for the weekend with your aunts and nanny.  You had a great weekend with your dad and were extra well behaved.

You have continued to roll around, eat your hands/fingers ALL.DAY.LONG, love standing and started to really belly laugh.  The first time we heard you belly laugh, I almost cried.  It was the best thing I have ever heard.  You have continued to drool like a champ and constantly want to hold your bottle.  You played in your exersaucer for the first time and continue to love the johnny jumper (we only let you play in those for 30 minutes a day so it doesn't stretch our hips too much...following Dr. Ellen's orders)  You started riding in the bob face-forward like a big boy and have done really well.  You either scratch the sides and listen to the noise your nails make or play with the toys we attach.  You found your voice this month and started to "talk" all the time.
You are still a total morning person and smile and giggle the minute we walk into your room.  You are the happiest when you are naked.  If you could roll around in your diaper all day, you would be the happiest baby on the earth.  Sorry bud, clothing is important.
You attended eKidz at church for the first time this past month.  Mommy was a little anxious during the church service but you did great.   You have gone a few times now and really love it.  You have started to nap longer on the weekends (2.5-3.5 hour) stretches.  It is glorious for us and we appreciate it!  
You had your first Halloween and mom let you wear a lame costume.  We dressed you up in your giraffe costume,  took a few pictures, went to test drive a new car, then put you to bed.  Exciting night, buddy!
As promised, we bought you a home this past month.  We showed it to you a few weeks ago and you approved.

4 Month Stats:

Weight- 14lbs 1 oz (50% percentile)
Length- 26.5 inches (80% percentile)
Head- don't remember the exact measurement but you were in the 20% percentile.  Sorry about your pea head
Eating-taking a bottle every 3-4 hours during the day
Naps-2 hour morning nap, 2 hour afternoon nap and a 30-45 min cat nap in the evening
Night time-You are usually in bed by 6:30pm and we wake you at 7am to put you in your car seat to go to Miss Beth's house.  A week before your 4 month birthday, you started waking up around 4 or 5am.  We gave you a bottle and you went right back to sleep.  We started you on cereal but more on that later

We are thankful for a healthy and happy little boy and feel blessed to be your parents.   
Love you little nugget! 

Sorry, mostly iphone pics this month...

first time time in the water/sand at the lake
 first pair of shoes
 dinner date with mom and dad- played the whole time
 getting ready for the pumpkin patch
 your favorite past-time...drool bubbles
 first time at church
 first Halloween
 exploring the exersaucer
 attempt at a family picture
 first time riding face-forward in the bob.  Need more toys?


Hallie Madewell said...

Becky - he's so CUTE!!! Those little legs are to die for!
And OH MY, those shoes, I do love those shoes!!!!
Congrats on your move :)

Emily G. said...

finally a post!!!!!! slacker.

I will forgive you though b/c you have a cute kid and posted a lot of cute pics.

my fave is the "drool bubbles" pick. I laughed out loud at that one!

two ways I know this is definitely your child: 1. pea head gene and 2. loves to be naked. remember you always running around in your bday suit with those rain boots on as a kid?!

I think its HILARIOUS that you of all people have a "morning person" child b/c that was soooooo not you growing up. you've come a long way though.

love you and miss you guys! :)