Sunday, September 30, 2012


As you can tell, blogging has taken the back burner lately! The last month has been pretty busy for us. We were getting the house ready to put on the market and then the good Lord blessed us with multiple offers a few days later. We are VERY thankful our house sold so quickly!
We have also made multiple trips to Charlotte and Winston over the last several weeks. Lots of house hunting, grandparent and friend time.
We are trying to finish packing our house but it is much more challenging this time around with an almost 3 month old. The last few days have been spent packing, eating at our favorite restaurants and getting in as much friend time as possible!

Poor little Anderson has a lot of change coming his way...leaving our house in TN, moving into a friends lake house for who knows how long and mommy going back to work. Let's hope he is much more flexible than me!

With all that to say, our house and lives are a little crazy and disorganized right now. I have a lot of blog catch up to do very soon!

Nanny with her 2 favorite boys...and of course O'Malley always has to be touching A

Hanging out with Abs and Gus

Meeting Deedee, his great grandma

Trying to pack while keeping the baby entertained

Still a happy baby among the craziness

I will become a much more regular blogger after the move...hopefully!

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Emily G. said...

Anderson looked thrilled to meet Deedee, ha!!!!

What date are you going back to work?