Sunday, February 26, 2012

babies, babies everywhere

We just got back from a jam packed weekend in Winston Salem. We hit the road to my parents house on Friday afternoon and were greeted by O'Malley when we arrived. We sure do miss our pup and hope to bring him back in the next month or two.
Nanny was so excited to show us everything she (and dad) bought for Anderson, and little booger got so much stuff! Mom knows I'm a snob and tried to find clothes that would meet my approval...and most items did!
I loved all the cute little outfits!!!

Friday morning we woke up and had snuggle time with O'Malley. We put an old blanket on the couch and let him lay around with us.After breakfast and showers, we headed to my friend Erin's house. Erin and I met freshman year in Coltrane and have been friends ever since. She and her husband have the most precious little peanut named Celia Mae. Celia is 14 months old and probably the happiest baby I have ever met. Erin and I caught up on life while Mike played with Celia. Our visits are always too short but I'm glad we got to spend a little time together. After our visit, we headed to the hospital to see Meg and Scott!Baby Gus decided to make his entrance 6 weeks early and I couldn't wait to get to the hospital to see him. Gus has been in the NICU and unfortunately I wasn't allowed to see him. (sneaking me in didn't really work out) Meg showed me lots of pictures of Gus and updated me on his progress. He is doing extremely well and they are hoping he gets to come home in a week. I have to say that Meg has such a positive attitude and looks AMAZING! If I could look that skinny after giving birth, I will be one happy girl. I can't wait for our annual West Girls family beach trip this year so Anderson and Gus can "play" with each other!
The added bonus of the hospital visit was seeing our friends Blake & Ashley. Ashley gave birth to Crosby 4 weeks early and we got a chance to see them as well. Crosby is so cute and he has one very proud older brother.After hanging out with Scott and Meg, we rushed back to my parents house so I could change and head to Whit's baby shower. Whit and I have been friends for 25 years and it's exciting to see her enter into this new stage of life! Motherhood will be such a scary but amazing journey, and I'm thankful she is going through it before me. I expect lots of good advice in a few months.
Some of Whitney's friends hosted a nautical theme baby shower and did a great job! They didn't miss a single detail and you could tell a lot of love went into the shower.

Later that evening, my parents took us to a new restaurant in Clemmons. We saw so many familiar faces and it was great to catch up with old friends...the food was awesome too!

Just like weekends growing up, my dad went and got us fresh bagels for breakfast on Sunday morning. YUM! We sorted through some of Deedee's stuff and all the baby stuff Em had sent home.
Once the car was finally loaded down with so much stuff, we hit the road.
It was such a fun weekend hanging out with my parents and catching up with friends. Weekends like these always make me wish we lived a lot closer. Hopefully one day we will be back in NC and all the babies will be best friends!


Lynsey said...

Both you and Whit look great! So excited for both of you! Little boys are a lot of fun!

Emily G. said...

love the dress you wore at the shower! thought you were supposed to be 20 wks preggo!?!??!?!

also - jealous about the bagels. like, seriously jealous. I think I'm going to open a bagel shop here...I'd make a killing.