Thursday, October 20, 2011

That time again

Tomorrow is the day. I will catch a plane from NY to Charlotte, ride up the mountain and then the weekend will begin! Every year since graduation (minus 1), 16+ members of the App Family rent a house over homecoming weekend. I look forward to this weekend EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR! We begin early in the year emailing each other to decide on a house, then all buy tickets together, then the food planning emails begin!Blogs, emails, phone calls, texts and facebook just don't cut it sometimes. I need some real face to face time with my "family"! I might not get as much sleep as I like, men in diapers might appear, some folks think they can drink like they did in college, snuggling and catching up into the wee hours, and making more memories with some of your best friends. Memories, that is what it is all about. I love tradition, obviously, and this is one that I hope we keep until we are all tooting around in our electric scooters! The camera is charged and I'm ready to begin the weekend in my "happy place".

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