Sunday, October 23, 2011

Still going strong

Is the weekend really over? We made it back from another App Family Homecoming weekend and had a BLAST!!
Robby & Kel picked me up from the Charlotte airport (honking in the travelall, of course) and we headed up the mountain. The party was in full swing when we arrived. We unloaded the car, grabbed a beverage of choice and jumped right in.

Yes, 4 twin beds pushed together-this is where me, Mike, Kel & Robby slept!
Saturday morning rolled around and everyone was ready to begin the fun. We loaded up the cars, packed 10 people into the travelall and headed to campus for a full day of tailgating. The weather was perfect, the leaves were gorgeous and it was a great day to spend with friends. After lots of pictures, drinks, food, cornhole, football and laughs, we packed up the tailgate and headed into the game. TBruce scored us fantastic seats and we all enjoyed the game (a little too much)...probably annoyed our neighbors too!After the game, we all headed back to the house for more QT and grilling out. It was a very relaxing evening filled with great conversations and yummy food!
The house crashed early on Saturday which of course warmed my grandma heart!

Sunday seemed to come a little too quickly and I wasn't ready to head back to the real world. After breakfast and a little clean-up, we loaded the car to head back to TN.

I walked away from this weekend with a full heart, lots of pictures, some wonderful memories and maybe a few extra pounds.

App Family, thank you for the sweet gift of friendship


mylepi said...

good ...

Lynn said...

Way to hold it strong, friends. Wish we were there. Looks like lots of fun was had!!