Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Single Aunt

Who could resist these two cuties?!?!

I get to play "single aunt" this week while Em and Greg head to NYC! It's really only 24+ hours I will be solo with the kiddos until Nana and Poppy arrive. I have gotten 1:1 time with Nate before but never had both kids to myself...I CANNOT WAIT!!! I'm heading down this afternoon and then will head back to Knoxville on Friday when mom & dad arrive. I believe my, extremely organized and on top of everything, sister has written 6+ pages of instructions for me and warned her friends to be on call! I think I should be good :)
There's lots of fun to be had and many pictures to capture!


Lora said...

Lots of txts please :) Good luck!

Emily G. said...

They are very excited to see you!! Nate said this morning "That's the one that takes lots of pictures right?!" Um, YES.

Good luck and you will be great!! Maybe this will make you want to get preggo (or the other extreme...make you want to wait 5 yrs haha)! :)


Hallie Madewell said...

I'm on standby Becky if you need anything! But lets remember that you are also one that is always "on top of things" so I know you'll do AWESOME! :)