Sunday, June 5, 2011

Must Read Story

My sweet friend and co-worker, Kara, is a fabulous writer and faithful blogger (go check her out and become a follower too).
Kara blogged about her best friend, Tonya, last week and it has been on my heart ever since. Tonya just found out she has an inoperable brain tumor and had a 'biopsy' yesterday. I have seen her story floating around facebook and it is AMAZING to see it spreading so quickly. I can't begin to understand the fear of getting that diagnosis, but Tonya has been using this platform share the gospel. She is praising the Lord for everything and so many people are hearing about JESUS!!! How cool is that?!? Ask yourself...would you have that same faithfulness?!

Kara posted another updated yesterday and you can read it here. They are in need of help, prayer and money to help with their sky rocketing medical bills. If you feel lead to be apart of their journey, you can visit their Helping Hands website

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Kara said...

Becky you are a doll for posting this. Tonya's faithfulness in God is amazing and thank you for your prayers for her. Hugs!