Monday, January 3, 2011

Under a Rock

We spent a few days in the NC Mountains and rang in the New Year with friends. As usual, I enjoyed the fellowship, food and drinks...but I had the most fun playing new games. Apparently I have been living under a rock when it comes to the game department. I learned to play "Jenga" and I have to admit that it was more fun that I first thought. But my new addiction was called "Mexican Train Dominoes". We played this game for hours and had a blast! If you haven't played, go buy it...if you plan to hang out with me soon then expect to be forced to play.

I also spent lots of time reading. I started the new trilogy set that Mike bought me...Hunger Games. I was a little skeptical of these books but heard they are as popular as the Twilight books and really good. So far so good!!
Has anyone else ever read these books?


Emily G. said...

I am in shock....are you serious that you just learned to play jenga!? hilarious.

beth gibbs said...

You are behind in the games department because in your tenage years you refused to play. I learned to play the train game with my Florida girls last summer. Good game. Several teachers at school have or are reading the Hunger trilogy. Sound interesting.