Sunday, December 5, 2010

Indoor Update

I'm sure all of my 5 readers (thanks family) have been patiently waiting for a soccer update. Here's a recap of the evening...

As I am going into the soccer complex, Em texts me and says..."please text me after the game so I know you are not in the hospital. Yes, I'm serious". Thanks for the confidence Em!!

We began warming up on the practice field, and I realize I still knew how to make contact with the ball. I ran around, took a few shots, remembered how to pass and began to relax a little.
We were about to start the game and one of our team members pulled both his quads during warm up so he was out. My friend Tony pulled his groan muscle during warm up so he decided to play goalie. Yeah, we were not starting off so hot.
I was told I had to start and was playing forward....and the panic began to set in.

Not to bore you with details of the whole game but here are a few highlights:
1) 2 players got red cards and were ejected from the game
2) I got a "firm" warning from the ref b/c I slide tackled someone...apparently not allowed during indoor soccer- oops
3) 1 player broke his wrist
4) a fight broke out on the field
5) I fell and bruised my tailbone

Needless to say, this was NOT a "non competitive" league. We ended up losing in the last 3 minutes of the game so it was a bummer.
I flew in Friday afternoon and knew I needed to get my tailbone figured out. The doc determined it was not broken and only badly bruised. The remedy-carry around a blow up donut to sit on. Yeah, no thanks....I will deal with the pain.

I am traveling for work this week, so sadly I will miss our Tuesday night game. But I can't wait to see what injuries occur when I'm back in 2 weeks.


Lynsey and Brian said...

Oh Becky!! This sounds way too familiar. Brusied tailbone during indoor championship at App. Ugh. Hope you get better soon. Really wish I was there to play with you!

Emily G. said...

are you SURE you're sad you're missing the next game!? will mike be there to represent!?

btw I'm buying you some gazelles for your bday....let me know what color you prefer

Lora said...

Mike needs to blog if he plays this week :)