Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Weekend

Mike & I had a wonderful and full weekend. Friday night was date night compliments of my sweet sisters! They gave us a very generous gift card to a restaurant in Knoxville. We were planning to wait and use it but just found out that after over 90+ years they are closing. It did not disappoint- the wine, food and dessert were yummy. They are known for their red velvet cake and I enjoying finding out why.
Saturday morning Mike drove to Greensboro to meet his brother and dad for the Tar Heels game. I opted to stay in TN and finish our Christmas shopping. I ended up shopping ALL.DAY.LONG!!! I was so tired by the time Mike got home at midnight.

Sunday morning we headed to Sunday School because they are doing a really good series on marriage. We met some new folks in the class and really enjoyed the lesson. After church, Mike hit the town to finish shopping for my Christmas and birthday presents. I was hard at work in the kitchen making my annual BUCKEYES! Mike bought be a double boiler so I didn't have to ghetto rig my pots like normal and it was amazing. Why did I wait all these years to get one?!?!
A few hours later we headed to our Sunday School Christmas Party. We had such a great time and met lots of new people. We ate great food (my buckeyes were the hit), played games, had an ornament exchange and walked away feeling good about this Sunday School class. We already got asked out on a "date" hopefully this means new friendships in 2011!My little elf is busy wrapping all of our presents while I'm packing! We are heading to NC tomorrow and won't be back here until January 2nd!

Happy Holidays and stay tuned for lots of stories :)


Emily G. said...

YUMMMMMMMMMMMM Buckeyes! I havent made them in years but have decided to this year. Cross your fingers I don't screw them up!

Lora said...

pass on the buckeyes - never been a huge fan. just wait for your carrot cake bday cake :)