Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have never really gotten into the "Apple addiction" and don't really understand it. (I do love my ipod and don't like to run without it) My husband loves all things that start with a little "i"...imac (or maybe its not called that but just go with it), iphone, ipod, itouch and now he has fallen victim to the ipad. He ordered one the other day and has been playing on it since it's arrival. He did downloaded a Euchre app so I would be a little more accepting of the ipad.

What is it with all you Apple followers???

Mike with his other wife...


Fowl Ideas said...

The "next blog" button has delivered me unto you.

Mr. Gadget seems quite happy today.

Lora said...

MACs are the best. PCs are the worst. Enough said. Don't knock it, till you've tried.