Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why Aunt BeBe

As mentioned in my previous post, we got to spend the weekend with Nate. He turned 3 in August and I can say that this is my favorite age...thus far. He is such a big boy, says hilarious things and asks a million "why" questions. Seriously, I probably got asked 300+ "why" questions within 24 hours.

We filled the weekend with his favorite foods (trying to fatten him up), the pumpkin patch, apple picking, several playgrounds and lots of snuggle time.
I guess when you are 3 years old, you don't have a filter so everything comes out. I respect that about Nate and was ready for anything and everything he said.

Here are just a few of the funnies...
1) Aunt BeBe, where are all your toys? Me: we don't have toys because we don't have kids, Nate: thats not good
2) While we are driving in the car, Mike changed the radio station and Nate says: No Uncle Mike, that was the baby down down song and I like it.
Yes, Nate likes hip hop music
3) As we are snuggling in our bed Sunday morning... Nate: Aunt Bebe, my stomach just growled. Could you go make breakfast and I'll eat it here. Me: You want me to bring you breakfast in bed? Nate: yes, that would be nice
4) Nate trying to reach the toilet paper while sitting on the pot but his arms were too short...Nate: I can't reach the toilet paper. We need to tell Uncle Mike to fix this.

We were so thankful we got some one on one time with Nate. He really is such a fun and sweet kiddo!!! Abby has a lot to live up to :)
As usual, I took too many pictures (206 to be exact)...so here are just a few!

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Emily G. said...

Hahaha! The #4 funny is cracking me up! Yes, I love his non-filter self too. Kids say the darndest things!

Thanks again for having him.... :)