Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good while it lasted

We have almost been married for 8 weeks and there's already been a tragedy.
I woke up Monday morning to find Mike throwing things out of his gym bag. I asked him what was wrong and he said he couldn't find his wedding ring. Yep, almost 8 weeks into our marriage and the ring is already gone.
He was SO upset and I was taking it surprisingly well. He went back to the gym to look for it but no luck. After he left for work, I got excited about looking on craigslist for a new ring. I search and search but couldn't find anything good. I decided I was going to go to Walmart and buy a 25 cent ring out of the machine. Well apparently they don't have those anymore. I ventured inside to see if Walmart had a jewelry department. I was in luck, they had a jewelry counter and a sweet Walmart associate ready to help. She tried to get me to buy the biggest gold ring covered in diamonds but I told her that wasn't his taste. Her second choice was a silver ring with "T" of diamonds. Wasn't really sold on that one either. Finally, I spotted the only "normal" (in my opinion) ring. It was actually the cheapest ring and they claim its titanium but I'm not convinced. Later that evening, I surprised Mike with the ring and he LOVED IT. When I say loved it, I really mean that. He likes it better than his original and would be okay keeping it for good. What a nut! If I would have know that, we could have saved a lot of money at Diamond Direct. Since we aren't sure when his finger will actually turn green, we will be buying him a new ring when we're back in Charlotte in a few weeks.
Tennessee might just be changing me after all :)

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The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

I know it is mean...but I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. You know, misery loves company! And heck, let him keep his Wal-Mart ring - I might be going to get one from Terry since he doesn't like his second one from Diamonds Direct!