Tuesday, January 26, 2010

so fun

Saturday was bridesmaid day!!! A few of my sweet bridesmaids came into town to pick out their dresses and help me shop for mine. They picked a great line called simple silhouette and each one selected their own style dress! All the dresses are so cute and they are going to look fantastic on each bridesmaid.
After lunch, we headed to a bridal store in Charlotte and searched for the perfect dress for ME! After many dresses, lots of laughs and a few tears...I have it narrowed down to 3 potentials! Kel & Lora were a huge help getting me in and out of all the dresses! My mom is coming into town on Saturday and we are going to buy one of them! I'm so excited that I almost have my wedding dress!!!!!!

Saturday night we hung out with the St. Louis's and Flemings for a little wine & cheese. They were going to dinner together and Mike & I decided to do dinner alone. Yeah- we are lame :) But I have to say, the wine & cheese were SO GOOD and Robby was so cute preparing it all. After dinner, I tried to stay awake to play when they came home but it didn't work out...my eyelids won!

Sunday we headed to a huge Bridal Show with our friends Jay & Erin. It was a bit overwhelming but we got to taste lots of cake and meet so many potential vendors.
Oh how I love the weekends...

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