Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Defending Myself

So I just got called out in Ellen's blog b/c I have been known to shop at Home Depot instead of Lowes. It was actually a dirty secret I was hoping to keep tucked under the rug.
I need to set the record straight so I don't lose any friends :)

I love Lowes, really I do. I even did my final senior college project in my strategic business class on Home Depot & Lowes. (Lowes came out on top AND I got an "A" on the project).
But, Lowes decided to build their new store further from my house than HD. If I need something quick, it only takes me 4 minutes to go to HD.
As you can see, I am trying to be more conscious of the environment and don't want to waste that much gas driving to Lowes. (Mike calls this lazy)

I am sorry Lowes, I have cheated on you for the past few years. But I am back as a loyal customer thanks to my future husband. He refuses to shop at HD!

Don't judge me...


Emily G. said...

We are Lowes fans all the way!!! It is across the street from HD, but the 2 times I've been to HD, the customer service has been AWFUL.

Lowes for life baby!!

That's nice of you to try and go green and save on gas though. Bones would be proud.

Nick and Mary Leigh said...

lowes all the way!

Terry said...

Close one Gibbs, we can still be friends. Love you!