Thursday, August 6, 2009

Staton Family Vacation

I was invited on the Staton family vacation this year and I'm not sure I will get invited back...(just kidding mom!)
Mike's aunts, uncles and cousins rented a mountain house and we rented one around the corner with Mike's parents.
The location: Gatlinburg, TN...

Who can beat the beautiful mountains and AMAZING people watching?!?!

I enjoyed getting to know Mike's aunts & uncles and playing with his cousins. His cousins are really cute and such a hoot! It's always fun to hear embarrassing family stories...helps you get to know people a little better.
The trip was a great...minus the bear we encountered, bug infestation in my bedroom and falling in the river on our hike. :) Praise the Lord for a patient boyfriend!!!!

Here are a few pictures from our trip!


Erin said...

more bear details please. you already had met mike's parents, right - just not the extendeds? does he have siblings? ok, lots of questions for the comment section :).

Lora said...

Only you Bec - a bear, bugs and falling in the river. BethAnn Jr on the last one :) Mike IS awesome!

amy free said...

Ummmm, your hair looks gorgeous and SO long!