Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

Without a doubt, this was a weekend filled with so much love and laughter. Since I love Hallmark, its only right that I love Valentines Day too. Actually, I'm not a huge fan of Vday but I think Mike might have changed my mind this year.
Friday started with a sweet card on my car, then beautiful roses delivered to the office, a great dinner, a nice new watch (guess I can't wear my target sports watch now) and a movie to top off the night. I don't remember the last time I had a nice watch. I always wear my sports watch (even at the office) and I guess it was time to grow up!

Saturday was WINERY DAY! We had 4 wineries on the schedule but only made it to 3 of them. We started with lunch at Ketchie Creek Bakery then headed to Raylen. After a 16 flight tasting, it was determined that Mike needed to drive the rest of the day. We all jumped back into the car and headed to Rag Apple Lassie Winery. This was my FAVORITE winery. We then headed to McRitchie Winery. This one was awesome too but we didn't get to spend as much time.

It was getting late, so we headed back to Charlotte. Mike and I did a quick change and then headed to have dinner with his best friend. We ended up at a new restaurant and decided this would be our first and last visit. We had a great time with Phil and Deania and were able to laugh off the "not so good" dinner experience.

Sunday was busy with church, cleaning, shopping and Sunday Night Dinner Club. The Flemings and Bruce's came over to Kelly and Robby's for dinner. The night was filled with great food, drinking, Terry having an allergic reaction to Fats, giving Robby a hard time, the girls (minus me) taking shots, an intense UNC game, me and Kelly being obnoxious, Kel telling Mike to get control of me and a TON of good laughs. Praise God for bank holidays...It was a full weekend so I was very excited to not have to work on Monday morning.

I really had a great weekend and am VERY blessed to have all these amazing people in my life. More fun to come!


Lora said...
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Emily G. said...

Love the idea of a winery tour with friends for Vday! Looks like you guys had fun. Maybe next year you should rent a bus so Mike doesn't have to be a DD :)

And praise the Lord for a nice watch! It's about time!! (Get it, haha)

Ross and Amy Free said...

Big props to Mike for making Valentine's day great for you guys!