Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oliver "doesn't have a middle name yet" Morrow

That's right...Mel Mel is a mom!!!
Oliver was born on Tuesday, February 17th at 5:04am. Oliver was breech so they did an emergency c-section. I got all the details about the surgery from Matt...sounded pretty cool!
He weighed in at 8lbs 2oz and 21 inches long.
During my visit today, he was eating and sleeping like a champ, pooping well and he even decided to pee on me :)
Congrats Mel and Matt...you both are going to be great parents!

Mel Mel being a trooper
Typical picture with Matt
Walking the halls with Mel (and doing squats!)
Oliver loves his mama

Sweet daddy giving Oliver kisses
Auntie Brooke


Megan said...

bec! you are such a good blogger!! i wish i could do it. i love love love reading through all your adventures. you have such an exciting life- I AM SERIOUS!! and what an incredible boyfriend!! you go Mike!! hope to see you soon. sorry we missed you yesterday.

Jru the Jesus Junkie said...

oliver is too stinking precious! yaay for momma mel.
thanks for sharing the news on your blog. helps me stay in touch with everyone.

Lora said...

I am glad you didn't have to coach Melissa although I am sure you would have done a great job! Oliver is precious :)

Lindsay Mayfield Wells said...

So precious! Congratulations, Melissa!!!