Thursday, February 26, 2009

Left with so many Memories

I got a call from mom tonight (Wednesday), letting me know grandma passed away.
Grandma Briner is finally at peace and can be her old self again (that means skiing and golfing like a champ). With the peace of her passing comes sadness that the "Traverse City" chapter of our lives is closed.

The house they built holds so many memories of all the fun times our families shared. Every time we went to Traverse we laughed too much, ate too much, took too many pictures, were too loud and always managed to have a great time!
The memories we are left with are grandma's legacy and I'm so thankful for each of them.

These are for all the Briners and Gibbs:
-grandma teaching me to drive stick in the old civic
-elephant rock
-Freezing Frog Club (I'm still the prez)
-Picking Cherries
-Bob's boat adventures
-Grandma teaching us how to ski
-Lady and Amber
-white fish dip
-being too loud and silly at the Country Club
-The Bowery
-learning to sail
-Skinny dipping
-the brown pontoon breaking down every year
-splinters and bees on the deck
-ping pong
-learning how to build a fire
-playing in grandpa's boats
-dad hunting for all the expired food
-never ending card game and bowls of ice cream
-Little house morning breath
-sledding down the front hill
-grandma insisting we have dinner on the picnic table in the front yard
-bonfires on the beach and long jump contests
-having the extra deck built in the woods instead of on the beach :)
-every amazing sunset we watched on the front porch
and the list could go on for days...

Grandma afforded our family so much over the years and I am thankful for every opportunity and memory she gave us. We all love you and will keep the memories going for years to come!


Emily G. said...

Great list, sis! And I love that last pic of the house. Can you email me that one? I dont have a copy like that, with all the snow. Beautiful!!

beth gibbs said...

You girls are really making me cry but I guess I've got to grieve for may mother who often tough to love but never the less I always have and always will with all my heart and soul. I love you girl.... so much and i pray that someday yur children will remember Nana as much and as well sas you remember my mother, Your Grandma. Grandma always said " There is never a last run only a next to the last" Here's to you MOM! I'll see you on the slopes!!!

Velascos said...

Hey Beck- I got an email from Melissa B last week about your g-ma. We have been praying for your family.