Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuesday Night Dates

Every Tuesday (when I'm not traveling for work), I have a date with 8 amazing women and I love it!
We decided to have a holiday dinner last Tuesday instead of our regular bible study. (as always, Ellen was the best host and everything was perfect) It was potluck style and of course it was all beautiful and delicious. While we were sitting around eating, Ellen asked us to go around the table and talk about our praises and prayers over the year. It was so cool to see how far we have come in 2008, the blessings we have been given and the many prayers that have been answered (many in ways we were not expecting)!

I am very grateful for all these girls-the accountability, the fresh perspective, the honesty, the laughter and the "get over yourself" reminders!
Here's to many more praises and prayer requests in 2009!

Ellen made each of us a personalized ornaments-love her!
Adele being oh so cute!
Love these girls

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The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

HEART! I have been behind on checking your blog - I love this group shot but am so sad you aren't in it! Sorry you got sick pookie, but SO proud of you for taking a sick day! :)