Thursday, December 11, 2008

New York City!

New York City was everything I expected and much more...
I survived the plane ride in row 13 (you know how much I hate odd numbers), didn't throw up in the crazy cab ride, and made it to the loft in one piece.

Friday- Checked into the loft and made our beds (I got a top bunk). We went to a REALLY great pizza place for dinner and little sis, Linds, met us there once her plane arrived. After dinner we did the "walking window tour" to see all the Christmas displays. We stopped to take pictures of the tree at Rockefeller Plaza with the other 865 million people. Yes, there were so many people in NYC!

Saturday included lunch at place that ONLY served grilled cheese sandwiches...yes I was in heaven! We did a NBC studio tour which was awesome. We even saw the cast rehearsing for Saturday Night Live. After the tour, we headed to Ground Zero. We couldn't see much there but headed to the church right beside it. The church was amazing...apparently it was untouched during the tragedy and was a place where the workers came to eat and rest. We walked through the church and saw all the memorabilia, pictures and stories. The below picture is a cross that some of the workers made. While we were there, I got a call that my cousin was having an emergency c-section and was about to give birth. Oliver was born an hour later and I was so excited to hear that news!!!

After Ground Zero, it was time to head to 5th Ave for SHOPPING!!! We had a great time shopping and made some good purchases. After shopping, it was time for dinner and Hairspray. I was beyond excited to see Hairspray and it did not disappoint me.
This is where our trip takes a slight turn, similar to the "Becky & Kelly Europe Adventure". During intermission, Kelly mentioned how the loft was similar to a hostel and it wasn't the greatest idea. That's all it took...I called Mike and he got online and booked us a hotel. Yes, we couldn't cut it at the loft (sound familiar) and moved our adventure to the Hotel Roger Williams! It was a 4 star boutique hotel that was AMAZING and we got a great deal!!! After Hairspray was over, we checked into the hotel and I don't think any of us could have been happier!

We woke up on Sunday morning with smiles on our faces...we had a great nights sleep! Sunday was another day filled with lots of things. Our day was filled with eating, seeing the Christmas Spectacular and Alter Boyz. During Alter Boyz (which was hysterical), Mrs. Norman got pulled up on stage and was serenaded by the Boyz. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen! She was a trooper and there is a good picture to prove it. Later that night, we finally made it to Serendipity. I was so excited about eating at this place. Kelly and I shared their famous frozen hot chocolate (how romantic) and it was no disappointment!

We didn't make it to Central Park or the Today Show...but that just means I will have to go back sometime soon! We really did have an unbelievable trip and Kel Kel was the best planner ever!


Lora said...

Guess I'll delete my Today show recording. Did you get a purse? We need to do a girls (or sisters, sorry Mom) trip there one day. I'd be fine stay at the App Loft :)

(Emily Givens) said...

I have two words....COUNTRY CLUB.

Ok well I have more than two...sounds like you had a great trip! I can't believe you skipped Central Park though. Ice-skating there was my fave!!

But yes, just another reason to go back....

Anonymous said...

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Amy said...

Amazing. Love the play by play. You girls are awesome.

Mary Mac said...

Becky! I love your blog! it is so you and I love you! you make me laugh! your trip to nyc looks like a blast! I am glad you survived it!

beth gibbs said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! I will look forward to hearing more of the details. I travel vicariously through my children. But at least I have my updated passport.