Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wedding Weekend-part I

This weekend marked the last wedding of the summer. My "sudo" sister, Erin, got married at Kings Family Vineyard in Charlottesville, VA. Mike and I left work early on Friday and made our way up to Virginia. We stopped in Lynchburg and I got to meet Mike's youngest brother, Nate for the first time. He already got points b/c he has a great name :) We hung out and then had dinner with Nate and his girlfriend, Stephanie. They were both really fun and I'm excited about hanging out with them again.

We finally made our way to Charlottesville and checked into our hotel. We stopped by to see my parents and then headed downtown to meet up with everyone. The Indian Ceremony and rehearsal dinner were held at an art gallery in downtown Charlottesville. Everyone headed to Zocola to continue celebrating the night. When we arrived, we were greeted by Lora and Em! Em and Greg got to meet Mike for the first time. I got to introduce Mike to so many great friends and I'm sure he doesn't remember a single name. Luckily, Mike was invited to join "the others." Apparently this club already has several members. You're only allowed to join if you are married to or dating someone that is from Clemmons. That way when we are talking about all our friends and memories from Clemmons, they won't feel left out!
I got to catch with the Valenti gang, the Ziers and lots of others from Clemmons. Erin looked gorgeous in her Indian wedding attire. I also found out that she is a faithful blog reader when she began quoting my blog word for word (thanks Er...this is dedicated to you).

After a few drinks, it was time to head back to the hotel and get some sleep. Ted called a taxi for Em, Greg, Mike and I. The highlight of the night came when the WAHOOPTIE rolled up!

"Professor's Gone Wild" began in the backseat as Greg started to hang out the sunroof.
It was the best taxi experience I have ever had!

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Amy said...

Glad you had such a great trip... did you get to see little Carol G? Love you pooks!