Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birthday Boy

As I'm sitting here blogging, I hear Nate upstairs giggling with nana (mom) and realize its been a great day! Mom, Dad and I went in and got Nate up this morning and told him what a fun day was in store. I got to have some blankie cuddle time with Nate before the madness began. Em gave me a "come to Jesus" talk about my blankies and how they have lived a good life and its time to say goodbye. NOT GONNA let the world know!

After breakfast, we all went in separate directions getting things done before the party began. Dad and I were on team "cake and balloons" and did a great job might I add.
At noon, we were ready to go and everyone started arriving. We ate great food, drank, played with all the kids and loved on the birthday boy.

Finally, the moment I had been waiting for...CAKE TIME! Nate had his own "The Big One" cake. After singing Happy Birthday and blowing out his candles, Nate put one finger in the cake. He did NOT like the cake at all. He tried a few more fingers and wiped his face. At this point, he did not like the feel of the cake or that it was all over his face. After a few minutes and a few more fingers, he really got into the cake. Em gave him a plastic fork and he loved eating the cake with the fork. Secretly, I wanted him to dive head first into the cake but that didn't happen.
It was so fun to watch him eat the cake and get it all over himself!
See all the fun pictures below....

Nate got lots of great birthday presents but the item he liked the most....his plastic solo cup! If only I would have known, I could have saved money and just bought a bag of cups. Maybe this is a precursor for his love of beer pong?!?!

I have had a great time seeing how much Nate has changed in just a few months. He babbles up a storm, is almost walking, has 6 new teeth, and still loves to giggle and smile all the time! I'm sure when I see him again in a few months, he will be walking and speaking several different languages :)

Happy 1st Birthday Nathan Eric Givens!!


(Emily Givens) said...

You know Greg would have had a heart attack if Nate had done a head-dive into his cake! That would have been hilarious though.

Nate wanted me to say he loves his Aunt B and was glad she came to his party!!!!!!!!! :) (And he still has his eyes on Nana's ring, so watch out)

beth gibbs said...

What a special weekend with MY little man. I LOVE him way more than I ever thought it possible. I miss him so much but treasure the smiles,cuddles, books, songs and kisses we shared. I can't wait to scype (spelling is wrong but you know what I mean) with him. I want him to recognize and remember me from visit to visit. By the way, I love Nate's parents lots too!