Friday, August 22, 2008

The Ring

So, we had a discussion about the "infamous" ring while in Nashville. Mom has an opal ring that I have always loved...please notice it on my finger in the below pictures. Well since my family is morbid and always talk about death, we have already discussed items we want when my parents pass away. Well, the ring has been promised to me for a very long time (with good reason). When I was born, my dad gave the ring to my mom. I like to think it was given b/c he was so excited and proud of his last little girl. But I really think it was a bribe so my mom would not have anymore children OR a celebration of the "end".

Mom was trying to tell me that she decided to give the ring to Nate instead...that didn't go over so well!
I am putting it in writing now so there is no question about it....that ring belongs on my finger :)
Thanks mom, love you!

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beth gibbs said...

WE'll see! Depends how nice you are to me in my old age. No straight jacket talk that I've heard in the past. Love you too!