Sunday, July 13, 2008

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One of my favorite shows is "Army Wives." Yes, you are all allowed to make fun of me but I will continue to watch this lifetime television wonder!
I'm a little embarrassed to say that the only images and knowledge I have about the Army comes from watching that show. Pathetic I know considering my cousin is in Iraq serving right now.

I'm sure you are wondering why I am blogging about Army Wives. Either my life is that
uneventful or I have gone crazy. Well, I am happy to report that I got to visit my first Military base this weekend...FORT GORDON.

Mike and I went to Augusta, Ga to hang out with his brother, Tim and sister in law, Bente. Tim is stationed at Fort Gordon until the end of August. At the end of August they are moving to Germany where they will be stationed for the next few years.
Tim and Bente asked if we wanted to take a tour of the base and of course I was super excited.
They had to check our ID's when we entered the base. The guy checking our ID's made fun of me b/c I smiled like he was going to take a picture of me or something. I was just excited to see the base. They drove us all around the base and it was really interesting. It was much larger than I expected (my tainted views from watching Army Wives). After our grand tour, we went to the bowling alley on cool is that?!?! Please note, they also had the following on base...The biggest satellites I have ever seen in my life, horse stables, pool, burger king, huddle house, liquor store and a dinner theatre. Those are just a few of the highlights

I would call myself a decent bowler but I think I forgot to show up on Saturday. I am slightly competitive and wanted to beat Mike in bowling. Well that didn't happen and he certainly didn't let me win. I think I need to hit George Pappas and practice before I embarrassed myself again!

I wanted to take pictures while we were touring the base, but didn't want Tim and Bente to think I was a complete nut case. But don't worry, Mike and I modeled our shoes and socks. (we had to borrow socks b/c we wore our flops)
After the bowling catastrophe, we went to dinner at a fabulous Mexican restaurant. After dinner, we headed back to their place. Tim showed us where they were going to live in Germany which was very cool. After that, Mike and I headed back to Charlotte. (for the record, I only closed my eyes in the car for 15 seconds max).

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Those socks are HOT!!!