Thursday, July 17, 2008


Dinner was FABULOUS on Monday night. All of us were together for a few hours and had a great dinner.
Tara and Nate arrived first with Sadie. Sadie is living with me right now until they get back from Hawaii. Mike came next and got his "welcome to bank of America" surprise. Matt and Melissa arrived with all the yummy BBQ that Matt smoked. I am not a fan of BBQ but it was really good. The "W's" arrived next. Abs had her "ghetto" cooler so her famous coleslaw would stay cold. Man, that girl cracks me up.
Kelly and Robby rounded out the group and we all started to dig in.
After stuffing our faces with dinner, we had cake to celebrate Melissa being preggers and Tara and Nathan moving to Wilmington! Both of them are starting new chapters of their lives, and we are excited to see how the Lord works in both situations.

After the clean up, everyone left so we could go to bed. I had the pleasure of taking Tara and Nathan to the airport at 4:30am on Tuesday morning...for the LOVE!

So Sadie has been living with me for the past couple of days. She and O'Malley sleep together on the bed in my guest bedroom. yes, they are sluts I tell you! It actually is really cute though. I want to use O'Malley's shock collar on Sadie but I promise Tara I wouldn't. I'll just have to beat her instead.
As a side note- we also got to celebrate Mike's new job at BANK OF AMERICA! Yes, he is joining the cool people and moving to the bank. He has no idea what he's in and working with me and Kelly, that could be a bad idea :)
I love these women (and their husbands)!!!!

Abs getting ready for America's next top usual

We gave baby Morrow his/her first baby book! M&M, you better read it every night!

The W's getting ready to head back to "the dash"

Family Portrait- Kelly and Fats the cat


Lora said...

I am curious as to what Mike's welcome to the bank surprise was...

bgibbs said...

Cute pictures! Where's the pictures of the dogs? I'm sure they were the life of the party. Your description of the food made my mouth water! I think Lora is thinking too far ahead!! Love, Mom