Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Antics

Anderson has been such a H.A.M lately!!  If he is in a good mood, he is hilarious.  But if he is in a bad mood, watch out.
Lately, he will fake laugh at himself and then look around to see who is paying attention.  He will run around the house laughing and then start spinning in circles or shaking his head.

Today before church, I thought we should take a few pictures since it will be the last time he wore this particular jon-jon.  Mike actually believes jon-jons should be burned and banned from America- awesome, I know.

We managed to snap a few pictures of Anderson this morning as he was in a "ham" type of mood!

Dancing to his own beat
 What, mom?
the many expressions of Anderson...and very RARE pictures with mommy!


Emily G. said...

love that ham!! can't wait to see him a few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beth gibbs said...

He is so funny, cute and smart but I"m only his Nanny. I love watching him in every mood! XXX000

Lora Gibbs said...

can't wait to ham it up with him tomorrow!! I think he gets it from his momma :)

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