Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weekend away

I am leaving tomorrow for the Gibbs Girls annual trip.  This year we are heading to Chateau Elan, right outside of Atlanta.  It will be my first weekend away from Anderson and I have mixed emotions about it.
I am SO EXCITED to spend the weekend with my mom and sisters and sleep without the baby monitor.  But, I am a control freak and won't be able to control Anderson's schedule while I'm away.  Crazy, I know.  Mike is completely capable and I know he will be fine, but I will still be worried. (plus he has assured me that he will follow the schedule and keep track of it in my journal-love that man)

I am sure we will facetime an excessive amount this weekend and that will help my craziness.  To make matters worse, I get back on Sunday evening and fly out on Monday morning for a work trip.  Mike gets the award for super dad!

I'm ready to drink too many glasses of wine, laugh at random things mom says, rent bikes, tour the winery, relax at the spa, consume lots of yummy food, get some sleep and of course make more memories!

Happy weekend!


Emily G. said...

mission accomplished!

minus the sleeping-in part and the bikes :)

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