Monday, October 22, 2012

Girls Weekend 2012

Last weekend, we headed to our Annual Gibbs Girls weekend.  
Em drove from Tuscaloosa, I drove from Charlotte and mom and Lora flew from GSO & RDU.  Somehow, we all pulled into Chateau Elan at the exact same time.  We didn't waste anytime once we dropped our bags in the room.  We walked the property, checked out the spa and found ourselves at one of the property restaurants ordering adult beverages.  That evening, we headed to a local Mexican restaurant where everyone tried to get the other person tipsy.  Mission accomplished.

Saturday morning, we woke up to mom asking what time it was and/or coughing (love you, mom)!  We began to question why we didn't get 2 rooms, but all was quickly forgotten once be started talking about food.  We had a great breakfast, made best friends with the chef then headed to the spa.  We were at the spa from 9:30am until after 2pm.  We had massages/facials, relaxed, ate lunch in our robes (my favorite part) and took advantage of all the spa "extras".  
After the spa, Em and I headed back to the room so we could just chill.  Lora took one for the team and went on a nature walk with mom.  Apparently it wasn't too painful since they stopped halfway through the walk and had drinks at the pool bar.  

Late that afternoon, we all quickly got ready for the winery tour and tasting.  We had a good time sipping wine and being obnoxious as usual.
That evening, we all got dressed up and headed back to the winery for dinner.  The food and wine were amazing.  After dinner was over, mom might have been trying to talk us into going to the restaurant/bar next door for drinks and dancing.  Her daughters are lame and said no.  We were all tired and wanted to lay around and then get some sleep.  BORING...but a perfect night in my book.

 Mom misbehaving as usual
 Happy 60th birthday mom!

Sunday morning, we all woke up and got ready to head out.  Mom and Lora had to get to the airport to catch an early flight and I was ready to hit the road so I could see my little man.
It was my first time away from Anderson and I missed those chubby cheeks!  Mike and Anderson had a great weekend together  and I was so thankful for a weekend away.
Until next year...

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