Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yard Crasher Fail

Sometimes my husband reminds me so much of my dad. Many might think that's weird, but it really makes me happy. Like my dad, Mike LOVES yard work. More power to him because I always hated helping dad with yard work. If I never have to rake or pick up sticks again, I will be happy.
When we moved into our house, you could tell it was professionally landscaped but not maintained. There were weeds and ivy in more places than we preferred. Mike decided to tackle one project at a time until the yard was to his approval.

Last weekend, Mike attacked the yard...and apparently the yard won. Sunday evening, I noticed a little "rash" on his arm. Well it ended up being poison ivy and spread down his arms, stomach and legs. He went to the doctor last week and finally got some steroid pills and a stronger cream. Poor guy!

Needless to say, he will not be "weeding" ever again. He is currently collecting quotes from a few landscapers and our yard should be lookin good in a few weeks.

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Emily G. said...

OUCH!!!!! Poor Mike. Dad will be glad to hear about the professionals though, ha!

And just for the record - I don't you (or Lora) EVER picked up sticks or raked. Instead, I recall hearing about 100,000 excuses every time yardwork was mentioned.

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

OH NO. Poor Mike!

Becky said...

Emily Erin Gibbs- I ALWAYS had to help dad rake, carry the tarp and pick up stick. I don't know what you are smoking. I NEVER remember you out there helping us.