Monday, July 12, 2010

They're out

We sent our invitations out over 4th of July weekend and it was such a relief! We got a bottle of wine, spread all the stuff on the table and started our night of assembling. I'm SO thankful that Mike was in town to help because it would have taken me forever.
We were so happy with how everything turned out and really appreciate our friends working so hard on our invitations.
Jennifer Borkowski Design did all of our calligraphy. She did such a great job and I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone. Seriously...check her out!
Now the fun part starts...the RSVP's!


Emily G. said...

I am such a dork....and since I know you are too, I know you will agree with me. One of my FAVE parts of planning a wedding was running to the mailbox each day to see how many rsvps came in!!! SO FUN!! :)

Too bad you're moving to TN tomorrow haha

Lynsey and Brian said...

The calligraphy is beautiful!!!