Monday, February 22, 2010

Where it all began...

Freshman year of college, I made a dumb decision to go "potluck" so I could meet new people. Well God has a sense of humor because I was paired with a JUNIOR named Mary Margaret. "Good Catholic girl" was my first assumption but that couldn't have been far enough from the truth. Mary was crazy (in multiple ways) so that forced me to hang out in the lobby more.

I met Kelly the first day of freshman year and we were instant friends. We soon met 3 other girls that lived on our hall. They thought I was too straight and narrow and I thought they were too "bad" and "hippie". A little influence on each other and all was well :) I can honestly say I have never met more genuine people than those girls. We laughed until we cried, shared some crazy days and night and learned from each other.

We all graduated in 2004 and started different lives. Since graduation, we have emailed every few years and caught up on life. Well thanks to this thing called, Facebook, we reconnected again. We made plans to meet for lunch on Sunday. I am almost crying writing this because I was so happy to see them again. We had the BEST lunch on Sunday and we didn't miss a beat. We all looked and felt like we had won the lottery when we saw each other. Our lives have changed over the years with boyfriends, husbands, cities, and babies. But it was refreshing to pickup right where we left off and keep on going.
I can't wait to have our girls weekend in Charlotte and make more memories!!!

Erin was having more fun stalking Andy McDowell than smiling for the camera
Sadly Kim couldn't make it, so Erin picked the most attractive picture to bring
our 100th photo

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Sara said...

I lived in Coltrane my freshman year too!