Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fat Camp

Yes, its true...we might get sent to fat camp after all these delicious cake tastings. Most people say they have "A sweet tooth", but I say "sweet TEETH"! I love desserts A LOT and we really want our cake to taste good.
Over the last few weeks, we have tasted so many samples of cake. Each one has been unique in its own way. Well last week, we had a cake tasting with Cindy. She didn't just bring us samples, she brought us 3 whole cakes! We had a meeting with her and then headed back home so we could sample all the cakes. We liked the cakes but wanted to tweak a few things just to make sure.
Sweet Cindy made us 1 more cake and we tasted it last n
ight...it was fantastic!!! I think it tasted even better because its such a great DEAL.
Desserts and good deals are a sure way straight to my heart.

We are meeting with our wedding planner this week to discuss all the tasting and pick a winner...but I think Cindy might have won my sweet teeth already!

(our cake will NOT have pink fondant so don't worry)

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Lindsay said...

I planned to put pink fondant on my cake. Should I be worried now?