Monday, June 29, 2009

Memories of Europe

Yes, I do have memories from our "backpacking" trip through Europe...even if it only lasted 8 days!!! Kelly and I would stop at random "crepe stands" when we were cold and get something to drink along with a HOT & DELICIOUS Crepe. They were usually filled with nutella and fruit...YUMMY!
Well God is Great and has sent us The Crepe Cellar near our house.
Caroline, roommate of the year, planned a dessert & drinks night in honor of Helen's birthday at this lovely place.
None of us had been to this new little restaurant yet, but we were all up for the adventure. After ordering several drinks and becoming best friends with the bartender, we finally got a table.
Soon after we were seated the "OMG" desserts began to arrive. Everyone was shoveling the goodness into their was so funny!!!
It is safe to say that we were pleased with the desserts:)
Hope you had a HAPPY "21st" BIRTHDAY Helen

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