Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Freezing Frogs

I will keep this short since I have a zillion pictures below-

We all headed to Traverse City for grandma's memorial. It was a trip filled with lots of hugs, laughs, tears , wine, family time and memories.

We made it to all our favorite spots- Grandma's house on the lake, the Bowery, downtown, Poppycocks, Don's Drive In, Meyers, Burritts, Bob's House and Old Mission Tavern.

During the long weekend, we came together as a family to honor grandma for who she was and all she accomplished. We tried to heal old wounds, share memories and made commitments for the future.
I love my whole family-craziness and all- and can't wait to see everyone again in September!

Top Secret

Sweet Oliver with all his rolls!
Charlie and Oliver
Sisters (Bets is our honorary sister)
Gibbs Girls with "grandpa" Bob
Me and Bets!
Dad probably saying inappropriate things- poor Aunt Melissa
The Briner Siblings- finally behaving
Aunt Kathy doing the "Betty Wave"
Trying to get home on Sunday-thanks weather
Saying Goodbye with the "Betty Wave"

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